About Us

The Caravan Serai Resort

Placed away from the pollution of city and situated just 25 kms from Vadodara, near Shivrhaljpur Village is The Caravan Serai - The Jambughoda Resort. Amongst the tranquil landscape is a unique hideaway- Carvan The Green Resort .

All staff Members & Guest of The Jambughoda Resort are expected to take care of their own health and safety as far as reasonable and practical, and the safety of guests and others dependent on their actions and omissions.

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General Guidelines

  • Maintenance of all rides, attractions and equipment are done to the highest standards. Special attention is paid to the safety and welfare of the disabled.
  • A safe and efficient system of work is established and maintained.
  • Risks involved in all activities are assessed and all codes of practice and supplementary health and safety information are intimated to all staff members and adhered to.
  • Health and safety of employees and others who may be affected by any of the activities in the park are assessed so that necessary preventive or protective measures can be identified and implemented.
  • The Safety Policy statement, safety procedures and emergency procedures are regularly reviewed and updated as and when relevant, and all staff members are furnished with up to date copies of the relevant documents.
  • A sense of safety awareness and reasonable attitudes in all staff members is cultivated and maintained, by developing a positive safety culture.
  • All staff members and the management contribute towards building a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy.
  • Activities under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted.
  • The effectiveness of the Safety Policy procedures is monitored throughout the park.
  • In house doctor, trauma care facility and ambulance is available on call within 5 minutes.