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Caravan Serai


Caravan Serai over the years been considered the safe haven for nature lovers and the natures creations. With all basic amenities this camping resort offers a striking experience with uniquely designed Caravans and Tree House – “Luxury on wheels and trees”. This is the best resort to visit in Vadodara where you can arrange a picnic for your family and friends. The Camp is built with all natural resources and elements without causing any harm to the nature. With a range of adventure and fun activities the place promotes adventure Eco tourism like all other Destinations of Orsang Group of Camps and Resorts but with a twist.

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The Caravan Serai resort is built amidst lush green jungle of Jambughoda, which is home for a number of wild animals like  Tigers, Leopard, Nilgai(Blue cow), Barasingha(Antelope), jackal, Bear and Wild Boar. The jungle is densely covered by a varied range of plants & trees like Teak, Sag, Mahuda trees, Bamboo, Shisham, Khair, Bor etc.

With no TV and no Cellular coverage, the Camp resort brings for the travelers & explorers to experience the true spirit of Eco-tourism. With Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary adjacent to the resort, it is one of the major attractions of the resort. So the perfect refuge for the birdwatchers and wildlife explorers. The place is ideal for outbound training programs for School Group / Family Group and Corporate MNC’s as it offers an open air space to conduct all outdoor sorts of training programs. With corporate companies taking great interest in making the experience more of a free from city pollution and noise, this location fulfills all the necessities for their programs.

To supplement the journey of a local man into being an adventurous, Fear-friendly and nature loving human.

To make the guest experience flawless by an innovative luxury service concept, informal yet impeccable.